B & E Week

Business and Enterprise  Week 2020 was a great success: each group had to decide how to market a book and everyone chose to add exciting and relevant products that they had made.


Throughout the week each group learned about creating and developing a product, they discussed profits and fixed costs, they took on roles such as accountant and marketing manager, created logos and business cards. Their IT skills were demonstrated in their posters and presentations as well as their ideas for advertising. They also enjoyed team building and sports activities such as bridge building, teamwork tasks, swimming and trampolining as well as trips out, one being to the local library.


At the end of the week, at a Trade Fair, governors and friends of the school came in and judged the likely success of the companies and their understanding of business and enterprise – it was a fiercely fought contest won by TheArk.com who had created a puppet show to encourage children to buy and read their book about endangered animals, but everyone had learnt some new skills while developing and utilising existing skills, everyone had excelled in different parts of the project and everyone left tired but with a greater insight into business and enterprise!

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