Who's who

Mr S Simpson



Miss E Nichols

Assistant Head Teacher
Subject Leader for English

Mrs J Woodward


Mrs C Furlonger

School Business Manager

Miss A Parker

Leader of KS2 / G2 Tutor

Mrs K Blackman

Learning Support Assistant

Mr P Edwards

Subject Leader for Computing Leader / G4 Form Tutor

Miss E Kieran

KS2 Teacher / G3 Form Tutor

Mrs N Hickman

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs E Harrison

Admissions & Transition Co-ordinator

Mr K Bridger

Premises Manager

Mrs M Bartholomew

KS2 Teacher / G1 Form Tutor

Mr G Lamb

Leader of KS2 Outdoor Adventurous Activities and Learning Support

Miss K Coupe

Clerical and Exams Coordinator

Mrs J Turner

Alternative Provision & SEND support

Mr D Pillay

Subject Leader for Food Technology

Mrs J Lupton

Learning Support Assistant

Ms H Sharp

Art Therapist

Mr J Flecknor

Learning Support Assistant

Mr A O’Driscoll

Teacher of PE

Miss A Jellis

Learning Support Assistant

Mr M Wells-Deamer

Leader of Art & Design / G7 Form Tutor

Mr D Tribe

Rhythmics Music

Mr E Stansmore

Drama Therapist

Mrs C Valentine

Education Catering Assistant

Mrs M Booth

Education Catering Kitchen Assistant

Miss C Golding

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Page

Clerical Assistant

Ms E Rioseco

Play Therapist

Mr A Fairweather

Teacher of Humanities /  G6 Form Tutor

Miss A Hall

Learning Support Assistant / Forrest School Leader

Mrs A Le Grove

Learning Support Assistant

Mr M Robinson

Behaviour & Relationships / G8 Form Tutor

Mrs M Crowther

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs V Redman

Education Catering Cook

Miss A Moss

Reception and Clerical Assistant / Sims Admin

Ms S Palmer

Teacher of Humanities / G5 Form Tutor

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Our website is currently under development. If you require an up to date version of any expired information, please contact the school office on 01903 731277 and we will be happy to help

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