Who's who

Mrs M Davis


Mr S Simpson

Deputy Head Teacher
DHT/Maths leader/Beh Man/Exams Officer


Miss E Nichols

Assistant Head Teacher
AHT / Learning /English Leader /G6 Tutor

Mrs J Woodward

SENCO /Personal Development /Ethics/ G8 Tutor

Miss V Gilbertson

School Business Manager

Mrs S Hurley

Leader KS2  / G1 Tutor 

Mr S Treagus

PE Leader / G5 Tutor

Mrs K Blackman

G4 / Sci/Eng support

Mr P Edwards

ICT Leader / G7 Tutor

Mrs N Hickman

G3 / Hums support

Mrs E Harrison

Induction Tutor / WRL / G7

Ms E Owens

Speech and Language Therapist (SALT)

Mr K Bridger

Premises Manager

Ms M Martin

Teacher/ G3 Tutor

Ms A Strachan


Miss K Tarrant

Clerical and Exams Coordinator

Mrs J Turner

Alternative Provision & SEND support

Miss E Nichols

English Leader /Leader WRL/G7 Tutor

Mrs L Clark

G8 / WRL

Mrs J Lupton

G1 / KS2 TA support

Ms H Sharp

Art Therapist

Ms T Mitchell

Play Therapist

Mr A O’Driscoll

G4 PE / OP support

Ms M Bridle


Ms H Jukes


Mr M Wells-Deamer

DT & Art Leader / G6 Tutor 

Mr D Tribe

Rhythmics Music

Mr E Stansmore

Drama Therapist

Mrs C Valentine

Education Catering Assistant

Mrs M Booth

Education Catering Kitchen Assistant

Mr D Whittick

TA PE/DT Support/G6

Ms L Custance

Teaching Assistant

Ms G Morgan

Teaching Assistant

Ms A Fountain

Teaching Assistant

Mr H Crompton

Outdoor Pursuits Leader / G8

Miss M Kidman

Lower School Leader / G2 Tutor

Miss A Hall

G1 / KS2 TA support

Mrs A Le Grove


Mr M Robinson

KS2 PE/Maths/G4 Tutor

Ms M Crowther

G2 / KS2 TA Support

Mrs V Redman

Education Catering Cook

Ms A Moss

Reception and Clerical Assistant / Sims Admin

Ms S Palmer

TA Maths Support / G5

Ms L Sadler

Clerk to Governors

Get in Touch

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